Entirely New Sales and Funding Channel for Resi Developers


LDS provides sales underwriting for residential developers which effectively removes risk, reduces costs and therefore increases developer profits. We do this via a traditional deposit backed exchange of contracts for all the units on a site.

This is similar to an off plan sale however unlike an off plan sale, we will leave you free to retail units at full market value. This affords developers the certainty of an off plan sale with the profits of open market sales.

For each unit sold retail LDS will receive an underwriting fee for providing the guaranteed exit and if you have any unsold units we will proceed to complete under our contract. As the major risks of pricing and demand are removed lenders will then take a very favourable view on financing and the rates they look to charge.

The basic concept really is as simple as outlined above, if you want to know more or simply have any questions about LDS, please call or email today.


  • LDS underwrites pricing and demand across entire schemes
  • We remove all speculative risk, opening up additional lending channels at higher leverage and lower cost
  • Developers achieve a range of efficiencies and cost savings across multiple areas
  • LDS allows developers to move forward with certainty


  • Housing schemes
  • North West
  • Around 15-60 houses per phase